Bread Bakery

Baking of high-quality bread

From the farming of the wheat to the bread baking, “La Ruche”, selects all its fresh products very carefully, from organic or local agriculture.

Around a high-quality range of flour, “la ruche” pledge with some locals craftsmen, such as “les Moulins de Brasseuil”, to respect the nutritional qualities of its raw material and to valorize the miller’s “savoir-faire”.

Most of the flours are grinded on a millstone. This ancestral technique of grinding is based on the pressure of two millstones, one “turning” and another one “sleeping”. A slower and softer method than the grinding process based on cylinders, which leads to the creation of thinner flour, and conserves naturally the wholeness of the germ, source of minerals and vitamins. It restitutes therefore a part of its envelope, the bran, which provides the food roughages to the body, and allows creating whole-wheat or half-wheat flour, used to make wonderful pieces of bread with a colored inside and with complex flavors.

At the bakery, our staff proposes hot bread all day long, and unveils their “specials” such as the rye-honey pie, the “Pépite”, or the traditional thick bread with seeds.

Twice a month, our Baker Chef, Steeve Gourvest, also invites you to discover the “fortnight bread”. Please find our interviews, degustation at the shop, and suggestions of accompaniment, in the “news” section.

For deliveries

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