Delicatessen – Caterer

Fly away with some of “La Ruche” special pastries

Take some of “La Ruche” special pastries to your home with a caterer-ranged choice. Every day, “La Ruche” concocts home-made traditional meals for you.

Within the delicatessen shop, the Chef also proposes you products which were carefully selected for their quality as a foretaste:

  • The Jams of Andrésy, provided with a “living patrimonial company” label since 2012, thanks to the ancient and traditional “savoir-faire”.
  • The Cider of Giverny, produced from a Normand special apple, farmed in the orchard of the farm, located on the hills next to “La Ruche”
  • The fruit juices and nectars of Alain Milliat, an aromatic range composed of natural and authentic flavors, handmade from its own farming